In Bounty and Knockout tournaments, the players are rewarded for eliminating other players. There are three major types of prizes:

  • Knockout prize – that prize is given for eliminating any player from the tournament. Players make an additional entry-payment that defines the knockout prize;
  • Bounty prize – that reward is given for eliminating specific players from the tournament. Players do not pay the fee for this type of prize. The reward is paid by the room;
  • PRO Bounty Prize – sets up a reward for eliminating PRO-players from the tournament. Players do not pay the fee for this type of prize. The reward is paid by the room.

Some Important Things

Here are some important things about the displaying of Bounty and Knockout tournaments in the client:

  • The prize will be rewarded to the player who took another player’s last chips, so the losing player has 0 stack.
  • The reward for a knocked out player is immediately credited to the player’s balance.
  • Bounty and pro players are flagged in the client apps in case the bounty or pro-bounty reward has been activated in the tournament.

Knockout Tournaments

There are two types of knockout schemes: the standard one and progressive knockout. In case with standard knockout, the player receives full knockout prize of another player for eliminating him. However, progressive knockout is based on a completely different principle. In such tournaments, the player gets only a portion of the current opponent’s bounty (usually 50%) for knocking him out, and the second part is added to his own bounty. Thus, the more opponents were eliminated by the player – the more players wish to defeat him. In the end, in addition to standard prize, the winner of the progressive knockout tournament receives a reward for himself.


  • The starting knockout prize per player is $ 10. The Percentage of a Bounty Prize that is awarded for eliminating a player is 25%.
  • At the beginning of the tournament all players have equal bounty.
  • Player1 knocks out Player2. In this case $ 2.5 is added to the Player1’s balance as a reward, and his bounty becomes $ 17.5.
  • Then Player3, whose bounty is still $ 10, knocks out Player1. After this Player3 receives a reward of $ 4.375 that is added to his account balance, and the rest ($ 13.125) is added to his own bounty, which is now $ 23.125.

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