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OTAPPA League Fees per year – $25.00
Helps support special prizes and software maintenance updates through out the year.

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OnTilt American Poker Players Association

OTC FREE League Format

Join OTAPPA, $25.00 a year

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Open to all League Players.

Cost FREE* $5 per player yearly dues go into this league so you can get a feel and try.

Each player may only play this league once.

Format - #Players - 100(Max per session) 10x10 seat tables Prize Fund = $500 Session - To Be Announced - Starts 1st Sunday after full 6-8pm eastern ?

4 weeks with finals the 5th week

GAME - NLH Freezeout - sitters are NOT removed Starting Stack - 2500 Blinds - TBD 5-8 min = about 2 hr game

Prizes - $25 weekly 1st Place = $15 2nd place = $10

Finals Top 20 points qualify - $400 Top 5 win Coin flips break any ties.

1st - $175

2nd - $100

3rd - $75

4th - $25

5th - $25

Points are scored based on finishing order each week. Lowest totals win. Spreadsheet Scored is certified by OTAPPA ALL prizes are paid out ASAP after league finals.

League Managers

As a league Manager you are in charge of your own league. We provide the platform to play at. 

how it works
  • Recruit Your league players.
  • Set your league schedule.
  •  All league player must be a member of OTAPPA and have paid there yearly memberships free.
  • You set your weekly game dues, per player and the prizes.
League games

We provide you the platform to play at. You can set your leagues games to be played Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha-5, Stud, Razz or a mixed game format. All games can be set to  No-Limit, Pot-Limit, or just Limit games. 



As a member of the OnTilt American Poker Players Association Program you are entitled to:

Availability of League play nationwide
Cash prizes, trophies and awards each season
National, Regional and Local events
Special member discounts
OTAPPA Website Member Stats 
OTAPPA Logo Apparel
Member of the Week Prizes & Awards

Coming Soon World Poker Players League Association


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